"Peace Researcher": June Issue Online

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Subject: "Peace Researcher": June Issue Online
Date: July 4th 2013

Peace Researcher

Issue # 45

June 2013


Crime Pays! Government Legalises GCSB Culture Of Impunity by Murray Horton


Waihopai Spy Base Protest 2013 by Murray Horton


Death From The Sky: Drones And Aerial Warfare by Doug Craig


Spooky Bits by Warren Thomson


Norway Hosts Fresh Push For A Nuclear Weapon-Free World by Robert Green and Kate Dewes


Reviews by Jeremy Agar

“Mad On Radium”, by Rebecca Priestley
“Zero Dark Thirty”, a film by Kathryn Bigelow
“Argo”, a film by Ben Affleck


Obituaries by Murray Horton, Michael Moore, Ciaron O’Reilly, Jim Dowling & Kate Dewes

Bryan Law
Lynn Burke
Jack Rogers


Organiser’s Report by Murray Horton


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