Will we see you tomorrow night? Auckland campaign launch

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Subject: Will we see you tomorrow night? Auckland campaign launch
Date: August 15th 2017

Reminder! Our Campaign Launch is tomorrow
Stop the Weapons Expo Campaign Launch
Wednesday, 16 August @ 6:30pm
Venue: The Peace Place, 2 Emily Place (Central City)
Tomorrow, we’re launching our campaign to shut down this year’s Weapons Expo. We want to make sure that the hundreds of arms dealers can't get into their trade show to deal in death & human misery.

Join us this year to make our blockade a success.

The launch will include reflections from groups across Auckland who joined with us in shutting down the expo last year. Plus we’ll have a full briefing of what our resistance will look like this year & how you can get involved. Yummy food & drink will be on offer, too.
We respond to the Minister of War Mark Mitchell
On Friday last week, the Minister of Defence Mark Mitchell issued a press release calling for businesses to cash in on the massive injection of $20 billion into new weapons, creating a real war economy in NZ. We were disgusted by his promotion of killing and bombing as a business opportunity. Read our full statement in response.

Join the Spinoza Group
Join us in this practical reading group where we'll use the philosophy of Baruch Spinoza as a tool to build new possible worlds and develop new strategies to fight back against oppression.
4 Sessions on Tuesdays at 6pm: August 22, August 29, September 5, September 12
Venue: Te Mārama room, Auckland Central Library, 44 Lorne Street
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