"Peace Researcher" 55, June 2018, Online Now

From: "Alliance" <cafca@cyberxpress.co.nz>
Subject: "Peace Researcher" 55, June 2018, Online Now
Date: June 15th 2018

Issue 55 - (June 2018) (PDF 2.8MB)

Waihopai Spy Base Protest 2018 by Murray Horton; Spooky Bits by Warren Thomson; Jacinda Says NZ Has "Independent Foreign Policy": If Only That Was True by Murray Horton; Indonesia & New Zealand: "Friends For Good" - But Whose Good? by Maire Leadbeater; Growing Challenges For Peace: Compounding Geopolitical Confrontation, Insurgency & Counter-Insurgency by Dennis Small; Root Causes Of Refugee Crisis Need To Be Addressed by Murray Horton; Reviews by Jeremy Agar: "Base Nation: How US Military Bases Abroad Harm America And The World" by David Vine; "America And Me" A Film by David Bradbury; "Phoney Wars: New Zealand Society In the Second World War" by Stevan & Hugh Eldred-Grigg; In Memory Of Derek Bunn by Murray Horton; New Printer & Webmaster by Murray Horton; Demilitarising The Pacific Starts At Home, Jacinda by Murray Horton.

Murray Horton


Anti-Bases Campaign
Box 2258, Christchurch 8140, New Zealand


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